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10 week old South African Boerboel puppyThe SOUTH AFRICAN BOERBOEL is a large breed with great strength. The Boerboel is extremely gentle with children which makes them an excellent family / guardian dog.

The Boerboel is not aggressive by nature, however their appearance alone is a deterrent for any intruder. Unlike the other Mastiff breeds, there is very little drooling and minimal shedding.

The Boerboel is not for everyone. You must be a confident, assertive leader who provides constant training and socialization. You should educate yourself on dominant canine behaviors and enforce a zero tolerance for any such behavior.
If bred and raised correctly, this rare breed, the SOUTH AFRICAN BOERBOEL will be without a doubt, the best dog you could ever own. Contact us about South African Boerboel puppies today!

King of the Cages, South African Boerboel Breeders, is very happy to announce that we have reopened our Kennel to a brand new facility and location in Ohio!

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