Dog Owner’s Guide to Finding a Great Dog Walker

Dog walking is not as easy as holding the other end of the leash and getting a walk around the neighborhood or to the park and back. Dog walking jobs may look simple, and can be done by anyone who loves dogs. However, there are hundreds of things that can go wrong in taking your beloved pet out of the house. Here are the important things to look for when hiring dog walker.

Before You Start Your Search, Conduct a Pre-Search

Before you start your search for companies and individuals that offer dog walking jobs and services, ask around your neighborhood or visit your local dog park. You can also check the bulletin boards at your vet’s office or pet supply store and ask for their recommendations. Don’t hire the first name that pops out from the conversation. Ask for references and talk to the real clients about their experience with the dog walker.

You may also consider bond and insurance. This will depend on how much risk you perceive and how willing you are to accept those risks. Aside from that, here are the most important things you need to look for.

Unless They Are Actually Trainers, Dog Walkers Are NOT Dog Trainers

Just because they’ve been walking dogs for years and know how to teach dogs a few commands doesn’t make them a dog trainer. There are so many things to learn about animal behavior, and training animals in particular. Dog training requires certification, so unless they’re actually certified, they are not dog trainers.

Your Dog Must Like His Dog Walker

The relationship between your beloved pet and his walker is crucial, as it can spell the difference between a nice walk and a disaster. Your dog doesn’t have to instantly love his walker, but anyone who is warm and inviting will catch the animal’s confidence and trust. Affection for your pet is very important, it is non-negotiable even. Your dog must love the idea of walking with his walker, and gets excited when his walker arrives at your house.

If your dog is usually shy or quite slow to warm up, then choose a walker who knows to push the right buttons and communicate your pet to cheer her up. Those with right dog walk training will have an easier time handling dogs with different personalities.

Choose a Walker that Takes and Follows Directions

Each dog requires special attention and unique care. Maybe your dog gets irritable and uncontrollable to certain situations and conditions, such as around other animals or other dogs. Maybe he has quite a tricky digestion and gets diarrhea easily each time he eats dried frozen liver treats. Whatever special instruction you give to the dog walker, they are only as good as their ability to listen and follow instructions. Your walker must never substitute your judgment for his own.

If there are important things you need to say to your dog’s walker, such as tips and insights of your dog’s behavior, make sure he listens to every word you say. Remember that their job is to walk your best friend and give your beloved pet a good time and keep your dog out of trouble. No need for behavior modification, etc.

Important Factor Most Dog Owners Forget to Ask in Looking for Dog Walking Services

Many people overlook the importance of getting a good walker for their dog, which most often than not, results to a lot of problems rather than convenience. Our pets deserve the right care, that’s why we give them the best love and care whenever we can. However, not all of us have the luxury of time to bond and play with our beloved pet. This is where the importance of dog walking services gets into the picture.

People with busy careers and living in big cities such as Brisbane, usually don’t have the time to walk their dogs regularly around the neighborhood. And we all know the importance of regular exercise and physical activity for our beloved pet. This is where dog walkers can really provide some help. But how do you make sure the people who you task to look after your dog will really take care of your beloved pet? Here is one of the most important factors you can’t overlook in searching for dog walking services.

There Should Be No “Pack Walks”

Dog walkers walking  4, 5 even more dogs can be considered as daredevils, and last thing you want for your dog’s safety is to let a daredevil walk him to the park and back. Pack walks are almost never good. Simply looking at your pet’s body language will tell you why – he will walk as far from other dogs as possible, and their eyes will wander around and will never look at one another. Pack walks are awkward and uncomfortable for dogs who are strangers from one another. And when dogs are uncomfortable, bad things can happen.

Yes, dogs are naturally social animals. They are domesticated for a reason. However, not all dogs are the same. They have their own personalities and unique behaviors. This means they can’t be automatically at ease with other dogs as soon as they meet. Also, the thought of “pack walks” should simply make you feel uncomfortable, as this would mean your beloved pet is forced into a stable social structure, and that they should act nice to each other just because one single person is holding their leashes.

Also, dog walking services that conduct “pack walks” have very bad organizing pickups and drop offs. They may be leaving some dogs simply tied up outside the house, with no one to watch over or get them inside their house. This can also mean they are bringing your dog to another person’s house. Unless your dog is very friendly, this situation can cause issues and conflict with your pet.

Walking multiple dogs is not entirely bad, as long as the dogs have started a relationship with their walk mates. Some dogs can handle it pretty well; they greet each other with happy body language, etc. Many dogs, especially those older ones, can easily get along with other dogs, even without playing. If your dog walker insists of “pack walking” then there should be only a maximum of three dogs at a time. Anything more than this can be really difficult, as it can be really hard for anyone to control four animals at once.

There’s more to dog walking than just simply holding the other end of the leash and walking the animal around the neighborhood or to the park. Make sure you choose a dog walking services Brisbane company that really meets the needs and welfare of your beloved pet.